About us


Diller Electric is a local commercial electric contractor that offers a team of professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in all aspects of commercial electrical work.


Owner’s Chris Diller and Nate Simshauser both carry Colorado Master Electrician Licenses and NICET level II fire alarm installer certifications. This along with a Colorado State electrical contractor license allow us to install turnkey electrical and fire alarm system’s almost anywhere in the state.


Together, Chris and Nate have assembled a team of experienced techs to serve all your commercial electrical contractor needs. Expertise comes from years of conceptual-planning to flip-the-switch experience in commercial Medical Facilities, State and Federal Installations, local Community Parks and Recreation installations, Sports Complex Lighting, Retail Shops, Multi-Tenant Retail finish and Improvements, Restaurants of all types, and even Traffic Control installations. We also can help you with your Solar-Electric installation and design.


Generals…You can trust Diller as your commercial electrical contractor and much more. As you know, electrical contracting touches every phase of any project. The team at Diller Electric understand the value of an extra set of trained and watchful eyes. We will coordinate with each of your other trades to assess issues as (or even before) they come up, keep an eye on schedules and task duration, and generally aid in keeping the your (the GC) project on schedule. If you wish, we are happy to attend your planning meetings. You will find the Diller Team to be active partners onsite. Our team can and will help you keep your job moving safely, on time, and on budget.


Give us an opportunity to interview and bid on your next project. The Management at Diller Electric bring the professional expertise and teamwork you have been looking for to your planning, management, and site work.